This publication showcases Internal Communications leaders, the field’s best practices and articles to inspire our mission. 

Why The Switchboard?

The Past

Once upon a time, before email, Zoom and Slack, the telephone served as one of our primary modes of business communications. Calls were connected by switchboard operators who required “concentration, good interpersonal skills and quick hands” according to London’s Science Museum. The operators required the utmost confidentiality as they often heard private conversations.

To experience the Hollywood version of a typical switchboard room, the opening scene of Mrs. Maisel (Season 2) offers a classic portrayal — a chaotic, boisterous room filled with calm and focused operators. The job exuded energy, thrill and purpose — it was their role to connect people with the information they needed or find the right channel to get them there. 

The Present

With the passage of time, invention of technologies and evolution of job responsibilities, I observe parallels between this past work and the current role of internal communications professionals. We connect people, distribute information and empower employees to learn about each other, their work and the company’s mission.

Today, when we send a company email newsletter, host a virtual meeting or distribute major announcements, the digital, automated processes make connecting and sharing quick, impactful and efficient (most of the time). Behind the scenes, much like the telephone exchange operators, we are drafting, planning and strategizing.

Along the way, we also cultivate experiences that make work meaningful with a vibrant culture of employee events, diversity initiatives and learning opportunities.

The Future

In this publication, I showcase Internal Communications leaders to recognize their accomplishments, share best practices in the field and articles of interest to inspire future paths — for those who are seeking new initiatives to bring back to their teams, experts to advise them or a peer to bounce ideas off of.


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About Me

Hi! 👋 I’m Julia Levy. As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Switchboard, I enjoy connecting with leaders to learn their stories and reflecting upon my experiences to share lessons learned.

By day, I help organizations design internal communications systems, cultivate community and develop content so they can focus on what matters. In my career, I am motivated by mission-driven work. Currently, I lead global internal communications at a startup. My career started in executive communications. Previously, I’ve been a community manager, content creator and fundraiser in philanthropy. I believe in pursuing creative side projects to make an impact in my community while learning new skills and experimenting with ideas to enhance my professional path. I created this website to share some of my past work.

I enjoy connecting for conversations on community, cultural cooking stories, podcasts and many other topics. Drop me a line or say hello on LinkedIn. If you have suggestions or ideas of what you’d like to see featured in the future, feel free to reach out to me directly.

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